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  1. I might change your picture, unless you like the idea of following the footsteps of the famous “Funky Bunch” icon, Marky Mark. Rapper, model, actor, producer, executive producer. Just my 2 cents.

    Anyway, I like your writing. I think that’s a better path for you. But I don’t know you, so you might prefer the rapper/model path.

    Still, the golf club story drips of Lewis Grizzard, Mark Twain. We need another Southern humorist. Grizzard hated children. I know, my mom dated him after my dad passed away in 1977. He especially hated me- I was 1.5 years old. So, at 35, I like his columns but I still hate him back. Who hates 1 year old bastards? Lewis Grizzard did. That’s why I carry that grudge.

    Ok, so here’s the point. I think you should write a book. Something about a boy and an African American man floating down the Mississippi river…wait. Check that. You’re far more creative than me, so you can figure it out yourself. Go for it, man.

  2. Golf club ad is genius! Anyway, that or I am am idiot – it got me to your web site and I even read a little bit more.

    I was hoping for some free porn (after all this is the internet, right?) Well, I did not find any here so I read some of the other stuff – not as immediately satisfying as free porn BTW

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